Tips To Having a Peaceful Holiday Season

The Holiday season can be filled with wonderful moments. Spending time with family and friends, everyone seems to take a break during the holidays. For some the holidays can be stressful. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed try these three tips to alleviate your stress.

Modify Your Expectations

What you are expecting during the holidays may not be what actually ends up happening. Keep your “feet on the ground” and don’t get overwhelmed by thought of what happened in past years. Instead ask yourself, “What are the potential areas or people that cause me to feel stressed?” Once you have answered this question, ask yourself, “What can I do differently to modify the outcome of the situation or interaction with this person?” For example, if your mother in law always criticizes how you cook the turkey , instead of taking it personally, be prepared for the comments, and even have a comment prepared such as,” Perhaps you could let me your secret to not having the turkey dry out.” This will change the outcome of how you feel, as well your mother in law may feel you value her opinion and, she might be more mindful of her comments in the future.

Be proactive in Managing the Challenging Relationships

Conflicts can intensify during the holidays. Knowing this you can be triggered before you even see certain people. Be proactive, plan some downtime for yourself that you can look forward to. It can be a simple as a bubble bath at the end of the night or listening to a guided meditation. Think of some actives to do for everyone incase conflicts start to arise.  Again can be simple such as going for a walk just to get everyone out of the house, or watching a movie this can help the tension to subside. Have a small, list of 5 items that everyone can do so you feel prepared before hand- it will help you feel empowered.

Schedule some Downtime for Yourself 

Finding 5 to 30 minutes is plenty of time to schedule some alone time. Use this time to unwind, go for a walk, lie somewhere quietly, do some yoga. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that helps you relax and unwind. 

Honor yourself this holiday season, be proactive and schedule your downtime. Figure out what triggers you and have a plan to overcome it. Your holidays will be that much more enjoyable!

Happy Holidays


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