Surprises Can Be A Good Thing

I recently attended a course that gave me new skills, which are amazing and will definitely help me help my clients. I went to this course expecting to learn some new skills, but what I didn’t expect was to have the opportunity to work on myself.

As part of the course we practiced our newly developing skills on ourselves. I believe none of us are perfect, and we can always grow and learn. I didn’t expect to have such huge gains in the middle of a weekend course! I started working on my own stuff and issues from my past came flying into my head. My first thought was, “why is this coming up I have already dealt with it?”

To my surprise, things I was so confident I dealt with were coming up and after my initial surprise, I realized the issues were no longer huge but there were still pieces, that I needed to work on. One issues was, “I am not good enough.” In my day-to-day life this is not an issue. Yet there were pieces of it that still seem to be tangling me up in life in ways I did not see prior to the weekend. I was able to deal with it. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see how it was affecting my life, and to deal with it. If you had asked me if this was an issue, I would have said no. It was so entrenched in my past that I had no idea it still existed. Having the ability to look at situations with these new techniques have made me feel so empowered. Letting go of an old issue, I feel incredible, and so grateful.

I certainly learned that some core issues even when you think you have conquered them can still be there in bits and pieces. Having the opportunity to see this from a new perspective was great. I believe this issue it complete, but I also recognize if it isn’t I now have new effective tools to deal with it quickly and efficiently. This to me is true empowerment!

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