Over Scheduling Leads to an Out of Balanced Lifestyle

In today’s society, I feel women have set themselves up to be superwoman,and none of us are. Many of us keep a schedule of someone who needs to be superwoman in order to keep everything going. Here are some suggestions that might work for you. First of all, get a big calendar or make one for each month. Then have everyone you live with sit down together and begin to fill in the calender with their activities and obligations. Once you have done this you have a concrete visual on how hectic things are and you can begin to look at this over scheduled month.

The next step is to begin to eliminate what doesn’t have to be done.

If you have children, perhaps  your children have too many extracurricular activities, take some time to look at how many activities each child has and how much time you are driving. Is there any of the activities that any of your children are willing to give-up?  Or have you considered car pooling? It is a great way to share the responsibility and everyone gets a brake. Perhaps you do not have children and you have over-scheduled yourself with actives. If so look at what you have and ask yourself are there any of these actives that I am willing to give-up or postpone for now?

In my Shine e-course I discuss how to create a more balanced lifestyle so you can be more successful at work and in your personal life, over scheduling is a common challenge that we deal with in the course.

With the schedule you are keeping your lifestyle is probably out of balance.


One things you can do to begin to create a balanced lifestyle is focusing some time on your partner or finding one. You may not be paying much attention to your partner or to  finding one. Relationships or finding someone need to be nurtured if you want them to succeed or be created, so take some time to nurture or create yours. I know so many people who say I just don’t have time to find the right partner. If you want to find a partner make the time. Put aside one or two nights to do social actives and perhaps you will bump into your ideal partner. If you are in a relationship talk to your partner about committing to a night together. Try to do this  at least every 2 weeks, plan a night for the two of you. You can go out or stay home it isn’t the activity that is important it is about giving time to nurture your relationship.

Remember take care of yourself and plan time for the things that matter to you.

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