On Key Ingredient You Need to Succeed

I was having a session with a client and she mentioned to me that she is super motivated to get her business to the next level and she does a few tasks and loses her motivation. As the session progressed I realized she is super motivated, but lacked inspiration!

What’s the difference between motivation and inspiration? Motivation can be thought of as more short lived driving reason to do something but not necessarily from a deep passion within you.

We have all experienced being motivated to complete projects or tasks at home or at work. Think of the day-to-day tasks you complete. For example in my life, I have a reminder set to pay my bills on a certain day. When that reminder pops up, I feel extremely motivated to pay my bills and check it off my list of tasks to complete. When you think of your own life I am certain you can think of things you do because you are motivated. Motivation is clearly important in our day-to day lives. It is the “fire” that helps you complete your tasks.

Inspiration, on the other hand is longer lasting than motivation and yet it can be the driving force directly behind your motivation. Inspiration speaks to your heart and your soul. Inspiration is what motivates you to keep going and not give up through the tough times. Inspiration can help start from absolutely nothing and build your dreams.

For my client, she was very motivated but was not inspired by the company she was trying to create. I was surprised to discover this. She always talked about how she wanted to make this work. However, this was not her dream. In fact someone had given her the idea, which motivated her, but this concept of her business never inspired her. It was not her dream and did not speak to her heart and soul.

Each of us is inspired by different things in our lives. Inspiration feels exciting and there is a feeling of something just being right for you because it speaks to who you are and what you are meant to be doing. When you are inspired ideas about your goals come more naturally. The mechanics of how to achieve your goals may need to be learned but the ideas will flow.

Becoming aware of what motivates you versus when you are inspired will help you get clear on what is in the moment motivation and what really speaks to you, that’s when you are inspired. This week pay attention when you are doing tasks ask yourself, “Am I motivated or inspired?” This will help you discover what inspires you.

Can you imagine pursuing your goals and dreams that are completely inspiring to you? Imagine how wonderful that would feel. Working on something you are in alignment with.

If you are struggling in pursuing your goals, check-in with yourself and find out are you inspired or motivated. You might find you need to take some time and figure out what inspires you. Once you know, things will begin to unfold more naturally.

If you need some help figuring this out, I will be glad to help. It’s never too late, to find where your inspiration can come from. It doesn’t have to be a big  “aha” moment. Small things can inspire you too. So don’t discount them.

Have an inspiring week!
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