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12 guided meditations

  • Each meditation will take you one a short journey.
  • The meditations will only take you 3 or 4 minutes.
  • You will begin to feel calm and more relaxed after listening to the mediations.
  • It only takes a few minutes to listen to please make sure you while you are listening to them, you are not driving or operating any machinery.


Lifestyle balance chart 

  • This will assist you to immediately begin to get your lifestyle back on track.
  • Using this simple chart you can see what areas you need to begin to focus on to make some changes to and begin to move towards success in your life.


inspiringnewslettersFree Inspiring Newsletters

  • Receive inspiring and insightful emails that will keep you on track and centered. get helpful tips on how to balance your lifestyle.


Access to my Facebook group

  • This is an opportunity to connect and interact with other liked minded individuals.
  • Share your successes and your challenges and feel the support from being a member of a group who understands you.


A membership seal

  • Use the seal to show you are a member.
  • You can place it on your web page or business card.
  • This membership is for professionals who want to create programs to assist other  women in their journeys.

memberdiscountMember Discount

  • Members get a 10% discount on any product we offer.



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