If you are ready to take the next big step to feel empowered, in control of your destiny this coaching program is for you.


Lori Kay is the CEO of the International Association for Lifestyle Professionals and the author of “Overwhelmed to Overjoyed—How to Shine Up Your Lifestyle and Go from Burned Out to Balanced.”

Lori Kay is the CEO of Awaken the Successful Woman Association and the author of “Overwhelmed to Overjoyed—How to Shine Up Your Lifestyle and Go from Burned Out to Balanced.”

Hi, my name is Lori Kay.

I am the CEO of the Awaken the Successful Woman Association and the author of “Overwhelmed to Overjoyed—How to Shine Up Your Lifestyle and Go from Burned Out to Balanced.”

After 2 decades of teaching, training, and coaching hundreds of professionals just like you, I have created what I believe is the most effective 12 month program available to help you achieve success with your business and personal goals.

Many individuals postpone enjoying their lives. How often have you thought… “as soon as I achieve this goal, I will taken some time for myself” In theory this is a great disciplined approach to life. In reality often something else comes up or achieving what you want takes longer than you thought. In my private practice I have spent years working with people who are last on their own list. This leads to feelings of being overwhelmed, not being as productive at work and, a realization that your life is lacking fun and success.

Recognizing that there will always be never ending lists of must do items, that need to get done or it feels like your universe will indeed fall apart. This prevents you from having balance between going through life with a to do check list and finding time to enjoy life.

There is a happy healthier way to live your life and have greater success. In this 12 month coaching program I teach you how to set your goals up so you can achieve them, while still having time to do the things you want to do. If you are ready to reach success in your business and have time to enjoy your success this 12 month coaching program will give you the building blocks to begin to achieve what you want on your life.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to accomplish more, have more energy and also have time to enjoy your life?

This twelve-month coaching program helps you change your out a balanced lifestyle into an empowered balanced lifestyle that will work for you.

Each month you will look at issues that prevent to from being successful and empowered and you will learn easy techniques to help you shift your current challenges. Learn to make decisions with clarity, balance your lifestyle, begin to achieve your goals personally and professionally and feel great about who you are. By the end of the program you will feel in control of your life, more relaxed and you will be more successful.

Unlock the Best Version of You

  • Tphonecallwelve one hour one on one phone calls once a month
  • There is a benefit of having someone assist you in creating what you want. Sometimes when you are in the middle of a situation it is difficult to be objective or even sort out what are the true issues. With my background in psychology, I can help you do this and get you back on track to achieving your goals.
  • In your monthly call we will discuss whatever issues, struggles or challenges you wish to related to the monthly lesson.
  • The call will unravel your current challenges and assist you in creating your own success and begin to feel empowered in your life.

Each month you will Receive Empowering You Coaching Signature Curriculum™

Each month your virtual lesson will cover a new topic for you to learn and implement in your life.Your virtual lesson be delivered in both a recorded audio and written form.

1) How to Create and Achieve your Goals

You will learn how to create a realistic action plan that helps your achieve your goals. There is more to setting goals then just saying what you want to achieve. I will teach you how to go from having your goals to achieving your goals.


2) The Mindset of Success

You will learn how to step into the mindset of success so you can succeed. Often it is our beliefs that can hold us back. Learn if your beliefs are sabotaging you and how you can change them to begin to help you create the life you want.


3) Revisit and Revise Your Goals

Learn more strategies to help you manifest your goals. Learn how to have an optimistic outlook and the impact it has on your life and goals.


4) Declutter and Get Organized

Learn how cleaning up your space reduces stress in more ways than you might think. Learn practical strategies to declutter that will not leave you feeling overwhelmed.


5) Frustration and the Best Methods to Combat it

Learn how to deal with being frustrated in a healthy way that leaves you feeling less stressed. Learn how organizing your life can lead to feeling less frustrated and what are the best methods to get organized.


6) Your Boundaries how to Enhance them

Learn how to develop healthy boundaries both personally and professionally. Sometimes boundaries are not clear because of self-esteem. Learn to enhance your self-esteem and see what a positive impact it will have in all areas of your life.

7) Learn how to Prevent Burnout

Learn strategies to avoid burnout with distressing strategies. Once you use these new strategies, learn the importance of self-compassion and the impact it can have on your life.


8) Change your Perception

From time to time you may find yourself stuck in a challenging situation. Learning methods to change your perception can help you overcome many challenging situations.


9) The Key to Self-confidence

There are many ways to become more confident. Being more confident will help you achieve your goals and avoid feeling anxious and overwhelmed.


10) Breaking Bad Habits

Create a mindset to overcome your bad habits. We all have habits that we would like to get rid of. I will help you overcome yours. Learn to overcome procrastination and move towards living an empowered life. “Procrastination is the thief of time” Learn how to combat you procrastination and learn to reclaim valuable time that you have lost.


11) The Art Of Delegating

Learn how empowering you can feel when you delegate and let go of the need to do everything yourself. Learn practical strategies on how to delegate and deal with difficult people.


12) Take Stock in all You Accomplished

Learn where gratitude fits into your life. Take time to reflect on all you have been able to achieve. Receive some tips on how to effectively deal with issues such as over scheduling.

Additionally You Will Receive


Private email feedback

If you are stuck between calls you do not have to wait email me and I will email you back with some specific ideas or strategies.


Free Guided Meditations

  • You will receive several guided meditations I developed just for this group.
  • The meditations will take you on incredible journeys think of it as a mini vacation, from your daily routine
  • Listen to these guided meditations,and learn to let your mind and body unwind and relax

BiaqBMuE670Yq8Qyd4cAo2rKDGT-LRJcEQ9MKcs3CMQYou will have access to a private Facebook page

Private page for other like minded people who are also participating in this course to connect, support and share with each other

Access to Dr. Kay’s Exclusive Emotional Eating Program™

EmotionalEatingProgramThis proven Emotional Eating Program™ helps you understand and gain control over your eating habits.

It is 4 week audio program that only requires about 20 minutes a week of your time. I suggest listening while going for a walk.

After listening, you will be ready to make the necessary changes you need to combat emotional eating forever. Understanding why you are an emotional eater is the key to releasing negative eating habits.

In Summary You Will Receive

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.25.00 PM 12 one hour one to one monthly phone call

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.25.00 PM 12 Empowering You Coaching Signature Curriculum™ lessons

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.25.00 PM Private email feedback

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.25.00 PM Guided meditations created for this program

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.25.00 PM Access to Emotional Eating Program

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.25.00 PM Access to Private Facebook group

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There is limited number of spots for this program. I believe each person I coach deserves my full attention so I limited the spaces in this program to ensure everyone’s needs are being met. Each person in this program deserves the opportunity to learn to feel empowered and create a successful lifestyle. If you are truly ready to commit to being more successful and feeling happier then this program is right for you.

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