Do You Have Obstacles in Your Way?

Do You have Obstacles in Your way?

I was trying to write and I was stuck, which is unusual for me! Typically, I am inspired and the words just flow. This time there was a lot going on and I was feeling overwhelmed!
I decided to sit down and find out what was going on for me. I realized, that I was focusing on my children’s needs and what they needed from me this week was exhausting! I felt obligated to write a newsletter and that is where I was stuck. The word obligation had my brain freaking out.  Once I knew what the challenge was I was able to let it go and gleefully write.
We all have unexpected blocks, obstacles and challenges in both our professional and personal life. How you deal with them depends on many things including how open minded you can be to look at your current situation.
I figure it out my obstacle by using the following questions to help me sort out what and where my block was coming from:
What part of your life personal or business are you feeling challenged in?
Once you know the area you can focus in on the issues.
What roadblock or obstacle is your greatest challenge right now?
Think about this challenge or roadblock and ask yourself:
Are you overcomplicating things? Perhaps hyper focusing?
Often when you don’t see an immediate solution, the drama in our head gets going and the problem becomes bigger with everyday that passes. Eventually, it feels as if that is all we can think about! Take a step back, talk to someone or write down your challenge. See if talking or writing it down allows you to see that you are overcomplicating the situation. If you are, try to whittle it down to the core of the challenge, or roadblock.
Once you have a few sentences on what the actual issue is, the last question is: Can I look at this from another perspective?
Try to do something differently to shift how you see the roadblock. For me, because I always sit at my desk to write, the minute I figured out what the roadblock was, I  sat at my desk to write and I couldn’t. A few minutes later, I got up took my computer with me into another room and centered myself with a few deep breathes and said, “I choose to let the words flow.” Within a five minutes I was writing. If you are dealing with a big obstacle, it might require more than sitting in another room. Try taking a break go for a walk, listen to music that lightens your mood. Once you feel lighter perhaps re-evaluate the challenge, or ask someone to give you his or her perspective. Often someone else will see things entirely differently, which can help you see things differently, too.
One of the quotes I like to remember is “ The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our mind creates.” Allow yourself to let go of your barriers and move past the obstacles in your mind and your life.
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