About Dr. Lori Kay, Ph.D.


My name is Dr. Lori Kay Ph.D. and I am the CEO of Awakening the Successful Woman Association.  As an educator, a dedicated mother of two and a coach with a PhD in Psychology, I know what it’s liked to feel frustrated that you can’t reach your next level of success.To feel like you are burning out, overwhelmed and stressed-out. For years I asked people around me what they would wish for if they had the chance. The answer was always the same; be more successful. This got me thinking, and slowly, but surely, I thought of ways that I could help people as well as myself to feel like I could do it all without being stressed or exhausted.

I had shifted MY life and so can you.

With what I will share with you in my programs, you will finally have the keys to succeed in achieving what you want in your life.  I am not going to promise that everything will magically fall into place, but with my wisdom, I will help you bring change to your life with confidence that you can be successful in all areas of your life.

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