5 Easy Ideas to Bring Your Sexy Back

As women we all have different roles in life, daughter, sister, partner mother, worker, boss, manager just to mention a few! In all of these roles there are always other people’s feeling and expectations to consider. By the time you are finished with meeting everyone needs, there isn’t a lot of time to focus on you.

One thing I am certain of and statistics support, most women don’t love the way they look. They might think their legs are too big, unshapely. Age may be an issue in terms of things not being as perky as they use to be on your body. Regardless of what your issue might be, it might be holding you back from this one ingredient! What one ingredient can add without it being time consuming?

The ingredient is bringing your sexy back. Before your mind tells you, “I don’t have time, this is so unimportant.” Read on and see how great this can make you feel and how easy it can be to achieve it.

Feeling sexy is a mindset. Some women aren’t comfortable with it, others don’t prioritize it. Think back to a time when you felt sexy for a night or even and hour. Remember how empowering it felt? If you haven’t felt sexy in awhile, that’s ok. That means it’s time to bring it back into your life. I have some easy ideas that don’t require you to spend a lot of time or effort to get that empowering feeling back. When you feel sexy things seem easier, mainly because you feel good about yourself. Your self-confidence gets a boost and that is reflected in everything you do! It doesn’t matter if you currently have a partner or not. Bringing your sexy back is important. Feeling good about yourself will flow into other aspects of your life. When you feel sexy and empowered, people react in a positive way towards you- it’s that added self-confidence that comes through.

Here are some simple and effective tips to help you bring your sexy back:

1) Wear undergarments that make you feel sexy. If you for example wear them to work, no one but you will know. As long as they are comfortable to wear. Try this for a day; chances are you will feel like you have a sexy secret that makes you smile throughout the day.

2) If you have a partner kiss them when they come home, but not a regular kiss, make this one passionate. Make a point of touching your partner in a playful and caressing way such as lightly touching their arm during dinner or even playing foostie with your feet under the table.

3) If you live by yourself, take a bubble bath and bring a glass of your favorite drink into the tub put on some sexy music and light some candles. Relax and let the water wash away all your anxiety. Let yourself  relax, unwind and remember what it’s like to feel like a sensual sexy woman again.

4) Get a massage with essential oils either from a partner of a masseuse. Make sure you choose a fragrant that you like and leave the work to whoever is giving you the massage. Let go and enjoy they great feeling of someone else taking care of you. Let go of all your thoughts, and focus on the amazing sensation of someone pampering you.

5) Dress in something that makes you feel good. Sexy boosts your confidence in the way you feel and look. Everyone has that one outfit, when they put on they feel good. Often we save it for special occasions. Wear it tomorrow either to work or at night and feel good about the way you look. If you have the time take a bit of time to make sure your hair or accessories add to your feeling super sexy.

These are just a few simple tips that can help you bring your sexy back. Start by trying to have fun with it, and see how sexy
you feel!



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