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Meditation Do You really Need to be Quite?

  There are many ways to meditate. Most people believe “true” meditation means sitting quietly for periods of time. It is the caviar version of mediation. It is not the only way to achieve results. If you are just starting out, try a guided meditation. I created mini 3-minute versio...

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On Key Ingredient You Need to Succeed

I was having a session with a client and she mentioned to me that she is super motivated to get her business to the next level and she does a few tasks and loses her motivation. As the session progressed I realized she is super motivated, but lacked inspiration! What’s the difference between m...

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Surprises Can Be A Good Thing

I recently attended a course that gave me new skills, which are amazing and will definitely help me help my clients. I went to this course expecting to learn some new skills, but what I didn’t expect was to have the opportunity to work on myself. As part of the course we practiced our newly developi...

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5 Easy Ideas to Bring Your Sexy Back

As women we all have different roles in life, daughter, sister, partner mother, worker, boss, manager just to mention a few! In all of these roles there are always other people’s feeling and expectations to consider. By the time you are finished with meeting everyone needs, there isn’t a lot of time...

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Do You Have Obstacles in Your Way?

Do You have Obstacles in Your way? I was trying to write and I was stuck, which is unusual for me! Typically, I am inspired and the words just flow. This time there was a lot going on and I was feeling overwhelmed! I decided to sit down and find out what was going on for me. I realized, that I was f...

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