Dare to Pursue Your Dreams




Dream about what you want! 

Really – go ahead and dream. It’s actually a very positive thing to do. Focusing on what you want to achieve, and how to get what you want in life, makes you put more energy into your dream. And the more energy your put into what you want – Your Dream – the more positively you’ll think about it.

Your Dream is a really important first step.

Think of Your Dream as the first step of a cycle. This cycle can help kick start a change in any number of situations in your life. What elements in your life would you like to change… your work… your finances… your love life? Your Dream can act as a guide and, when coupled with some real effort, can help you achieve significant change and accomplishment in your life.

Is Your Dream Achievable? 

What’s your answer? What thoughts came to mind about Your Dream? Write them down. Are most of your thoughts about Your Dream negative? Are you fearful of pursuing Your Dream? Is your own lack of confidence holding you back? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you must recognize that YOU are preventing yourself from moving forward. You need to release the albatross around your own neck, whatever that may be, in order to move forward toward Your Dream.

Make Your Dream Achievable. 

Talk to yourself. If fear is holding you back, create a mantra and repeat it daily. Even something like: “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Keep repeating your mantra until you feel things starting to shift in your life. Do you want to achieve Your Dream, but lack the confidence to do so? Every time you pass a mirror say to yourself, or even out loud, “I can __________________ (fill in the blank with Your Dream)! Commit to these simple, self-talk exercises for one month. You can do it! It takes surprisingly little effort and you’ll find the results are amazing.